You can use the button below to make a donation for the Parmalee Fun Run through Paypal. During checkout there will be a box to enter the students name so they get credit. =) Thank you SO much for your support!

Donations are due SEPTEMBER 29th, 2017. 



 Can't find the paper form of the Donation/Sponsorship? Click below to download a pdf of the Fun Run Packet. :-)


GOAL: To raise $5000.00 so we can avoid all the smaller door-to-door fundraisers, while our kids get to show some school spirit and enjoy a workout! 

WHERE: Parmalee Elementary Playground / Field

WHEN: October 6th

7:45 am :  check-in
8:10 am : line-up
8:15 am : Fun Run Begin
8:45 am : Fun Run Ends



We have combined our annual check challenge event (now the sticker challenge) with an extended 100 Mile Club® run to create our first Fun Run! This allows students to get the opportunity to earn spirit wear, and show their school spirit, while avoiding a winter full of smaller fundraisers requiring them to go door-to-door. Students will enjoy running in their new spirit t-shirts while listening to music. Families are welcome, and encouraged, to join in the run before school and take part in the festivities including a photo booth and music. 



For every $10 your child raises in this fundraiser they will get to wear a sponsorship spirit sticker on their shirts that day. The stickers can be written on/decorated any way they'd like. If they raise $20 they will receive a free Parmalee Spirit T-Shirt. If they raise $50 they will receive a free Parmalee BUFF (infinity bandana). In order for your child to be guaranteed their t-shirt size please register them for the Fun Run by September 15th. 

If your child is unable to attend the Fun Run please still participate in the Sticker Challenge. They will be able to wear their stickers at school that day, and will still receive the spirit gear earned. 


SAY WHAT? (here's a quick checklist of what needs to be done)

  1. REGISTER (see form below) your child for the Fun Run.
  2. RETURN FUNDRAISER FORM (see pdf above) with any funds by SEPTEMBER 29th, 2017. 
  3. KEEP and DECORATE the stickers your child earned. $10 raised = 1 sticker. ** Sharpies work best
  4. FUN RUN DAY!! Oct. 6th- Arrive no later than 7:45 to check-in. Bring the stickers so they can be stuck on the Parmalee Spirit (fun run) shirt after check-in. 


We encourage all parents to try and attend the Fun Run with their kids. This is our last community building event until the Auction and Spring Carnival in April, and a great way to enjoy a fitness activity with your kid(s). Consider making a sign, bringing a noise maker, or anything else that can help this day be special for the kids!! Children can also be dropped off for the Fun Run if parent participation is not possible. 

Please register your child for the Fun Run to make our check-in process easier :-) Shirts have already been ordered, however we will try our best to accommodate the requested shirt size. You can also just write the shirt size on the turned in Sticker Challenge Fundraising form. 



Leave this empty:

Thank you for registering! 


This is our first Fun Run, and we REALLY need as much support and volunteers as possible! Please sign-up for a volunteer role using the sign-up genius below. 





10 stickers were sent home with the fundraiser flyer in the Friday Folder on September 15th. For every $10 your child raises you can fill out one of the stickers. Some ideas on how to fill them out:

  • SPONSORSHIP - fill them with 'sponsor' names such as Grandma from AZ, Aunt Jess from CA. Take a photo of them at the photo booth with the sponsorship stickers to send to your relatives as a thank you! 
  • CREATIVE - Use the stickers to draw pictures of your child's favorite characters
  • FAMILY - Let each member of your family fill out a sticker for your student
  • HAVING A LITTLE FUN - Have a little fun with it by showering their stickers with caring (and slightly embarrassing) loving expressions like "You'll always be my little boy!", "Hugs and Kisses, Love Mommy", etc.
  • FREEDOM - Let your student decorate their stickers anyway they'd like 

While the goal is for every child to earn 10 stickers to wear, we understand that is not realistic for everyone. Just send your child with as many filled-out stickers as they've earned that day, and return all un-used stickers with the fundraising form. When they get to school they can change into their spirit shirt and stick their stickers on it! If your child earned more than 10 stickers we will send additional stickers home, or they can pick up additional stickers the morning of October 6th. 



spirit wear t-shirt design 
Shirt Design


Buff Design


What do we do with the un-used stickers? 
A. Please return them with the filled-out fundraising form. You will keep the earned stickers to decorate and bring into school on October 6th. 

What should we do if we will be gone the day of the Fun Run? 
A. You can still participate in the fundraiser =) Your child will receive their Spirit wear when they get back to school. There will be plenty of opportunities to wear their spirit wear through-out the year. 

We can't afford to participate in the fundraiser, can my child still join in the Fun Run? 
A. Absolutely! The Fun Run is for every Parmalee student. There is no requirement to raise money in order to run in the Fun Run.  And every student who shows up for the run will receive a race bib.  The PTA wants to ensure every child has the opportunity to receive a Parmalee Spirit Shirt. Please send an email and we will make sure your child is on the list to receive the $20 fundraiser reward spirit shirt. =) 

I would like to help, who should I get in touch with? 
A. We ALWAYS need volunteers and would love the help! Please email for more information.