The 2021 Fun Run Sticker challenge is almost here! By now you should have received the Fun Run Packets in your child's Friday Folder (on September 10th). This is our second biggest fundraiser of the year. This allows us to avoid having the kids sell things door-to-door, or more likely us spend a bunch of money buying it all ourselves so the school can get 20%. ;-)


There will be a day-of registration for students to turn in money to receive swag. 

How does this fundraiser fun run work? 
The Fun Run Sticker Challenge is an extended 100 Mile Club® run* where kids get to get 'stickered up' with stickers they decorate. They get to wear (1) sticker for every $10 raised. The children have 30 minutes to run as many miles as possible. During that time music will be playing, fun characters will be joining them, and parents will be cheering them on or running with them! It is a lively event that the children have a blast with! When they arrive they will be able to check-in and receive their race bib (just for fun, this is not timed) and a banana. While waiting for the event to begin they can check out the other festivities we'll have going on. =) 

*100 Mile Club participation is not required to join the Fun Run.  Miles run during Fun Run can be counted toward 100 Mile Club goals.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FUNDRAISER TO JOIN IN THE FUN RUN! However, your child can earn some cool Parmalee Spirit Swag if they do participate in the fundraiser. =)

$20 raised -> earns athletic Parmalee T-Shirt
$50 raised -> earns Parmalee spirit Buff (infinity bandana)
$100 raised -> earns neon custom Parmalee knee high socks

** Your sponsors can pay online!  See the Online Payment section below**

October 1st - check-in starts at 7:30 am

Parmalee Blacktop/Field

Fun Run fundraising is due September 24th.
Please return the Fun Run Registration form and money to your student's teacher.   This will help the volunteers be able to ensure the check-in runs smoothly and all earned swag is pre-sorted. 



10 stickers were sent home with the fundraiser flyer in the Friday Folder on October 1st. For every $10 your child raises you can fill out one of the stickers. Some ideas on how to fill them out:

  • SPONSORSHIP - fill them with 'sponsor' names such as Grandma from AZ, Aunt Jess from CA. Take a photo of them with the sponsorship stickers to send to your relatives as a thank you! 
  • CREATIVE - Use the stickers to draw pictures of your child's favorite characters
  • FAMILY - Let each member of your family fill out a sticker for your student
  • HAVING A LITTLE FUN - Have a little fun with it by showering their stickers with caring (and slightly embarrassing) loving expressions like "You'll always be my little boy!", "Hugs and Kisses, Love Mommy", etc.
  • FREEDOM - Let your student decorate their stickers anyway they'd like 

While the goal is for every child to earn 10 stickers to wear, we understand that is not realistic for everyone. Just send your child with as many filled-out stickers as they've earned that day, and return all un-used stickers with the fundraising form. When they get to school they can change into their spirit shirt and stick their stickers on it! If your child earned more than 10 stickers they can pick up additional stickers from the office or the morning of October 1st.  


We are again using Membership Toolkit to offer an individual online fundraising page for any student.  If your family has an account, you already have access to a customizable page for your student(s).  If you're new to Membership Toolkit, you can create a family account and your student's individual fundraising page will be created.  You can then go in and customize it and share your student's link with distant family and friends.  Your family and friends can then click on a donation button on your student's page, enter their data and pay via credit card or PayPal.  Their donation will then show up on your student's individual goal thermometer.  If you have any questions, please email Dina,

If you prefer, you can use our PayPal donate button.  Please make sure to add your student's name at checkout page so the donation will be credited to them.  (And tell your donors to do this too.)  Donations made through the PayPal Donate button will not show up on Membership Toolkit totals.  However, it will go towards a student's overall total raised and help them earn swag.

You can also email/post this link:




The PTA runs this Fun Run completely on our own to make sure the money raised goes to the school and towards spirit swag. We REALLY need as much support and volunteers as possible! Please sign-up for a volunteer role using the sign-up genius below. 



What do we do with the un-used stickers? 
A. Please return them with the filled-out fundraising form. You will keep the earned stickers to decorate and bring to the event  on September 27th. 

What should we do if we will be gone the day of the Fun Run? 
A. You can still participate in the fundraiser =) Your child will receive their Spirit wear when they get back to school. There will be plenty of opportunities to wear their spirit wear through-out the year. 

We can't afford to participate in the fundraiser, can my child still join in the Fun Run? 
A. Absolutely! The Fun Run is for every Parmalee student. There is no requirement to raise money in order to run in the Fun Run.  And every student who shows up for the run will receive a race bib.  The PTA wants to ensure every child has the opportunity to receive a Parmalee Spirit Shirt. Please send an email and we will make sure your child is on the list to receive the $20 fundraiser reward spirit shirt. =) 

I would like to help, who should I get in touch with? 
A. We ALWAYS need volunteers and would love the help! Please email for more information.