Parmalee 100 Mile Club 2021-22


What is the 100 Mile Club:

Parmalee 100 Mile Club is proud to announce that we are back for the 6th year! This program provides students the opportunity to work towards a goal of running/walking 100 miles (or more) over the course of the school year. It’s a great way to engage with other Parmalee students & parents, get our bodies moving before school and improve readiness to learn.


Who:               All Parmalee K-5 students & parents too! (Kinders use “mini” miles, each  mile is x2)


When:              1) Tue, Wed & Fri Mornings before school, 8:30 - 8:50am - Beginning September 7th, 2021

                       2) 2nd Saturday of each month from 9:00 -11:00am


Where:            1) Before School: Parmalee Elementary Field - meet on playground blacktop

                       2) 2nd Saturday: Off Site locations listed below


Cost:                $10 per student for milestone incentive kit (T-shirt, wristband, pencil, medal)

(Students may participate without purchasing an incentive kit, financial support available)


Rewards for Student-met Goals:

25 miles - 100 Mile Club T-Shirt         50 miles - Logo Pencil           

75 Miles - Logo Wristband                  100 miles - Gold Medal (Presented at special end of year ceremony)


To Register:

  • Print registration form 2021-22 Letter_Reg Form
  • Complete form, sign waiver and return to your child's homeroom in their Friday Folder or drop it off at the front office


Coach Contacts:

Mandy Deuel at Lindsey Stevenson at

Feel free to email us with questions.


2nd Saturday Events:

 Hike with your family at a local trail the second Saturday of each month and earn miles toward the 100 Mile Club. We will have a representative there at the park to greet our participants and record the miles they earn that day.  We will be there rain, shine or snow!  Dress for the weather and hike together with other Parmalee Families!  Watch for updated info on the 2nd Saturday events in the Panther Post e-newsletters preceding each month’s event.

 9:00am - 11:00am:

Our representatives will be stationed in the parking lot, at the trailhead or at a halfway point along the trail. You must check in with us in the 9:00-11:00am window of time to get credit for miles toward your 100 Mile club total.


 Second Saturday Locations: 

September 11 - Mt. Falcon Park (upper lot)

October 9 -  Independence Mountain Trail at Pence Park

November 13 – O’Fallon Park

December 11 – Alderfer/Three Sisters Park (West Parking Lot)

January 8 – Elk Meadow Park (Lewis Ridge Trailhead)

February 12 – Matthews/Winters Park

March 12 – William F. Hayden Park on Green Mountain

April 9 – Lair O’ the Bear Park

May 14 - Mt. Falcon Park (upper lot)

Parmalee 100 Mile Club FAQs:  

What should I do if the weather seems bad?
A: We will send an email to the 100 Mile Club distro by 7:30am notifying if the morning session has been cancelled. We will make every effort to stay outside even when raining or very cold.  So please dress appropriately for the weather. If school is closed, 100 Mile Club is cancelled. 

Q: How do you keep track of participant miles?
A: New this year, all participants will receive a bracelet with a QR Code unique to each runner.   As participants arrive, their bracelets will be retrieved from bins organized by class (there will be a bin for non-student participants as well) As participants complete laps, the QR Code will be scanned and their cumulative mileage will be tracked in our system.  Each time the bracelet is scanned that morning, students will be notified of their mileage for that day.  At the end, the bracelets will be returned to the bins and kept for safekeeping till the next morning run.

For 2nd Saturday hiking events, each participant will need to visit our check in station where we will mark down names and miles completed that day.  They will be manually added to each participant's  mileage total.

Q: How will participants know their mileage totals?
A: Each week teachers will be given printouts of the current 100 Mile Club mileage totals for their class.  These printouts will be posted at a designated location in the classroom. For parent and other non-student miles, we will have a printout of current totals at each Friday run.

Q:Why T/W/Fri Mornings
In the past, 100 Mile Club has taken place on Wednesday and Friday mornings. This year we decided to add a 3rd morning run each week (Tuesday morning) to give kids an additional day to work toward that 100 Mile goal.  Before school 4th/5th Grade Band (M/W) and Orchestra (T/Th) conflicts with 100 Mile club.  By adding Tuesday mornings, Band kids get two days to participate in 100 MC (Tue/Fri) and Orchestra kids get two days (Wed/Fri).

Q: How can I help?
A: We can always use help monitoring the morning runs, tracking laps and collecting UPC scan bracelets at the end of each 100 mile club session.  Please talk to Mandy or Lindsey onsite or email us at

Q: What does the $10 I paid go towards?
A: All $10 of the registration fee goes towards purchasing the incentive kit from the 100 Mile Club national program.  The incentives include the t-shirt at 25 miles, pencil at 50 miles, bracelet at 75 miles, gold medal at 100 miles and an end of year certificate of miles completed. 

Q: When will I receive my milestone reward?
A:  We hand out milestone rewards at the Friday morning sessions.  If registered participants aren’t there they’ll receive the reward in their classroom.