Welcome to year 3 of 100 Mile Club® at Parmalee!

On the first day of school we will be talking with students during specials.  We'll review the program with them and hopefully get out for a lap.  The first before school run session will be Wednesday, August 29.  Please make sure you have submitted a signed waiver or bring it that morning.  Registering for the $10 incentive package is recommended but not required.  The waiver is required for both students and parents.  Parent runners and volunteers should use the volunteer waiver.  Click below to download forms:

2018-2019 registration/waiver packet     Parent waiver only     Student waiver only

Drawing for 100 Mile Club® Beanie

Only miles completed at 100 Mile Club sanctioned times can be counted toward the program. However, we encourage you to keep moving over break.  At the morning run session on Friday, January 11th, we'll hold a drawing for those that walk/run at least 3 miles.  Step to enter:

  1. Walk/run 3 or more miles between December 22 and January 8.
  2. Fill out the form that went home in Friday Folders. Must be signed by parent and student.  Downloadable winter update 121718.
  3. Bring to the morning run session on Friday, January 11th.  Students must be present to win.  

2nd Saturday off-campus event for January 2019

On Saturday, January 12th, we’ll be on the Johnston Reservoir Loop trail at Clement Park in Littleton.  This is a paved trail that circles the reservoir.  We'll be stationed along the trail, at the benches located across from Barnes and Nobles, from 9:30 and 10:30 am to hand out credit slips.  Please be sure to start your hike at such a time that you will reach us within the designated hour.  Each lap of the reservoir will be credited 1.5 miles.  There is plenty of parking in front of the former Walmart, close to where we will be stationed. (There is also a Starbucks near by.)  Foothills District Trail map click to enlarge image johnston-reservoir-map

We'll be stationed at the red star. A picture of the location is below. credit-slip-location

2nd Saturday off-campus event for February 2019

The February "2nd Saturday" event is on February 9th.  We will be in Littleton at Governor James B. Grant Park.  Governor Grant park is located on Field Street, just off Belleview between Kipling and Wadsworth.  There is a paved 0.5 mile loop.  We’ll be there from 9:30 to 10:30.  Feel free to do one lap or many.  We'll be stationed at the playground (Point B on map).  You can park on Field street near the playground or you can park in Governor's Ranch Elementary school's parking lot .  Please see the map below for details. GrantMap GovJameGrantPark


2nd Saturday off-campus event for December 2018

We'll be at Arrowhead Park in Indian Hills on Saturday, December 8th from 9:30 to 10:30 am.  This will be a chance to get in as many miles as you want during the 1 hour time period.  All laps must be completed during the scheduled hour at the park.  5 laps at Arrowhead equal 1 mile.

Fall Sanctioned Road Run - EChO's 9th Annual Turkey Trot on November 22

Registration is now open for the EChO 9th Annual Turkey Trot.  It's a 3 mile run around Evergreen Lake.  Fees are $10 for ages 11 and under and $25 for ages 12 and older. There will be a 100 Mile Club sign-in table set-up outside in the vicinity of the packet pick-up building and office.  Please remember to sign in that morning to get credit for the run. Link to race info and registration: http://evergreenchristianoutreach.org/events/2018-turkey-trot/


2nd Saturday off-campus event for November 2018

November's 2nd Saturday mileage opportunity will be on Saturday, November 10th. Come out for a steep uphill hike in Pence Park.  We'll be at the end of Independence Mountain trail from 9:30 a.m to 10:30 a.m.  This hike takes the North Loop trail and then heads up Mountain trail for 1.2 miles of continuous (often steep) uphill.  At the top there are some spectacular views.  The hike down takes the South Loop trail for 1.1 miles of continuous downhill. Because of the incline, the round trip hike will be worth 3 miles.  Map and pictures are below.  It will roughly take 40 min to 1 hour to make it to the top.  Please plan your hike so you arrive at the top during the designated hour.  Here's a link to trail reviews: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/independence-mountain-trail-at-pence-park

2nd Saturday Off-campus Event for October 2018

The October off-campus mileage opportunity will be on Saturday, October 13 at O'Fallon Park. We'll be stationed partway around the loops between 9:30 and 10:30 am to hand out credit slips. (Red star on map)  Please make sure you plan your hike so you arrive at the spot within the specified hour.  Parking is in the lot off Hwy 74. The blue route will be credited 3 miles and the orange route will be credited 4 miles.  You can complete the loop in either direction.  If you go the direction of the arrow you may find that the Bear Creek Cutoff that goes back to the parking lot is easy to miss.  If you miss it you can end up in Corwina Park.  Please keep an eye out for the turnoff so you get back to the right parking area.  Link to full park map: https://www.denvergov.org/content/dam/denvergov/Portals/747/documents/ParkArt/corwina_ofallon_pence.pdf


2nd Saturday Off-campus Event for September 2018

We will be at Mount Falcon Park on Saturday, September 8, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.  Come hike with your family and be credited 2-4 miles for 100 Mile Club. We'll be stationed at the intersection of the Parmalee/Meadow/Tower trails and will give credit depending on which trail you've come from and on which you'll head back.  **Please be aware that the Parmalee trail has significant elevation changes.**  Also, please plan your hike with sufficient time to get to the marked intersection between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. 

2 miles round trip option -  In and out on any combination of the Castle, Meadow or Tower trails.  Each is worth 1 mile in and 1 mile back. 
3 miles round trip option - Do one way on the Parmalee trail (2 miles) and one way on either Castle, Meadow or Tower trails (1 mile). 
4 miles round trip option - In and out on the Parmalee trail (2 miles each way).  Or, 2 laps of the 2 mile option.

Please contact us with any questions. Dina, dearnott@yahoo.com, Sandra Carpenter, sllygrlrnr@gmail.com, Lauren Burger, lburger@craigrealtygroup.com.

Link to full trail map: parks-and-trails-park-map-mount-falcon 

Welcome to the 100 Mile Club® at Parmalee!

The 100 Mile Club at Parmalee is our local implementation of the nationwide 100 Mile Club program. The mission of the 100 mile club is to improve the well-being of children at school through daily physical activity in a noncompetitive, supportive, and inclusive environment. The program provides an opportunity to run or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. The 100 Mile Club is more than just a running club. It’s an opportunity for students to build self-esteem, develop camaraderie, and learn to be the very best they can be. Visit www.100mileclub.com to learn more.

The 100 Mile Club is for all Parmalee students. Every classroom has a classroom chart with every student's name. Every Parmalee student will be offered an official 100 Mile Club® Challenge Accepted identification card. As miles are accumulated their progress is tracked on the classroom charts. The 100 Mile Club offers an incentive kit for $10. Students are encouraged to register for the incentive kit. When a registered participant reaches 25 miles, he/she will be presented with fantastic T-shirt that is designed to showcase his/her accomplishments! Additional prizes are awarded at 50 and 75 miles. Upon reaching 100 miles, registered participants will receive a gold medal at the end of the school year. All participants will receive an end-of-year certificate that recognizes his/her efforts.

This year we will be have before school meet-ups on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30-8:50am. We're working hard to find volunteers to hand out sticks during Monday recesses. Every 2nd Saturday of the month we'll meet at an off-campus location such as Arrowhead Park, Mount Falcon Park and Clement Park. Please see the Parmalee 100 Mile Club news page above for details.

Any questions can be directed to Dina Arnott (dearnott@yahoo.com), Sandra Carpenter (sllygrlrnr@gmail.com) and Lauren Burger (lburger@craigrealtygroup.com).

Q:  What should I do if the weather seems bad?
A: We will update the Parmalee 100 Mile Club web site by 7:45 am if we need to cancel the morning session due to weather. If school is closed, 100 Mile Club is cancelled. Weather updates will be posted at the top of the 100 Mile club page. 

Q: How do the sticks work?
A: Our path is a 1/4 mile loop. Upon completion of their first lap students will receive a green stick.  Upon completion of their second lap they’ll trade the green stick for a yellow stick. The yellow is traded for a purple on the 3rd lap.  The purple is traded for a red on the 4th lap.  The red stick equals a mile and is never traded in. On the 5th lap, the student hangs on to their red stick and is given a green stick.  If more laps are completed, the green is traded for yellow and so on.  

Q: I lost my stick, may I get a replacement?
A: No. Sticks cannot be replaced. We understand it’s upsetting to lose a stick. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to keep track of her/his own sticks so they make it to the classroom storage spot. 

Q: I left my previous green/yellow/purple stick in my backpack/classroom/home so I don’t have it for this session, should I go get it?
A: Every morning or recess we will have enough sticks so you can begin fresh with a green stick. Don’t worry.  If your stick is in the classroom storage spot, then your laps will be counted.  You’re not “starting over” when you begin with green each morning.  When the laps are tracked on the classroom chart the various colored sticks will be added up. 

Q: What are "mini" miles?
A: Kindergartners run "mini" miles.  This means that for every actual mile they run, they are marked for 2 miles on their chart. We do this because Kinders are smaller and they don't have recess on the big playground so are unable to participate at Monday lunch runs.  It helps even the playing field.  We've found they often reach milestones at roughly the same time as their older siblings if they both participate in the mornings.

Q: I'm a participating family member so don't have a classroom.  How do I store my sticks and keep track of miles?
A: For anyone tracking miles but isn't enrolled in school, there is a sheet left out on the bench where you can mark  your miles after the morning sessions.  If you're name isn't there, feel free to add it.  If you've registered and your name isn't there please let us know.  

Q: How can I help?
A: We’d really like help like help on Mondays at lunch.  The shift is from 10:50-12:40 in order to cover all recesses. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0944afa929a0f94-100mile

Q: What does the $10 I paid go towards?
A: All $10 of the registration fee goes towards purchasing the incentive kit from the 100 Mile Club national program.  The incentives include the Challenge Accepted card, t-shirt at 25 miles, gold pencil at 50 miles, bracelet at 75 miles, gold medal at 100 miles and an end of year certificate of miles completed. 

Q: When will I receive my milestone reward?
A:  We hand out rewards at the Friday morning sessions.  If registered participants aren’t there they’ll receive the reward in their classroom. 

Q: I attend ACC in the morning. May I run in the mornings?
A: Yes! We have it worked out with that students attending ACC may be released to run if the required paper work has been filled out.  Please talk to Mrs. Smith. 

Q: I love to see Ms. Davis and Ms. Holden on the playground with us in the morning.  (Not actually a question)
A:  So do we!  We are so excited that they join us in the morning. They are awesome!!  We really love seeing family members out on the course as well.