Welcome to the 100 Mile Club® at Parmalee!

Welcome to 100 Mile Club 2020/21!  For those of you new to Parmalee, 100 Mile club is a program that encourages kids to be active and work towards personal milestones.  This year, even while we’re affected by changes at our school, we want to remain active and connected through 100 Mile Club! The 100 Mile Club Organization has created 100 Mile Club To Go, a program for families to do remotely.



Click the link below and select either Elite ($10) or Ultra-Elite package ($15): https://100mileclub.wufoo.com/forms/z1lx9gpj16uymzl/  

A separate registration should be completed for each student. Scholarships are available. Please contact the front office if you need financial assistance.

Mile Tracking:
Upon registration, print these sheets and track each mile you complete. https://100mileclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2020-Gold-Mile-Trackers.pdf



When your student completes one milestone worksheet, please email us at amandadeuel@gmail.com so we can recognize them. At this time, your students receive their milestone incentives - shirt, pencil, or bracelet. 





Second Saturday Events:

Hike with your family at a local trail the second Saturday of each month and earn miles toward 100 Mile Club. There will be no time constraint this year to allow for lower crowd concentration. Take the trail at your leisure, track your own distance using a GPS watch/app or calculating 20 minutes = 1 mile, snap a picture of your family in front of the park’s entrance sign and email it to us!


Second Saturday Locations:

September 12 - Mt. Falcon Park



November 14 – O’Fallon Park



December 12 – Alderfer/Three Sisters Park



January 9 – Elk Meadow Park



February 13 – Matthews/Winters Park



March 13 – William F. Hayden Park on Green Mountain



April 10 – Lair O’ the Bear Park



May 8 - Independence Mountain Trail at Pence Park



Contact us:

Feel free to email us with questions or photos!

amandadeuel@gmail.com or lindseystevenson0@gmail.com 



Q:  What should I do if the weather seems bad?
A: We will send an email to the 100 Mile Club distro by 7:30am notifying if the morning session has been cancelled. We will make every effort to stay outside even when raining or very cold.  So please dress appropriately for the weather. If school is closed, 100 Mile Club is cancelled. 

Q: How do the sticks work?
A: Our path is a 1/4 mile loop. Upon completion of their first lap students will receive a green stick.  Upon completion of their second lap they’ll trade the green stick for a yellow stick. The yellow is traded for a purple on the 3rd lap.  The purple is traded for a red on the 4th lap.  The red stick equals a mile and is never traded in. On the 5th lap, the student hangs on to their red stick and is given a green stick.  If more laps are completed, the green is traded for yellow and so on.  

Q: I lost my stick, may I get a replacement?
A: No. Sticks cannot be replaced. We understand it’s upsetting to lose a stick. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to keep track of her/his own sticks so they make it to the classroom storage spot. 

Q: I left my previous green/yellow/purple stick in my backpack/classroom/home so I don’t have it for this session, should I go get it?
A: Every morning or recess we will have enough sticks so you can begin fresh with a green stick. Don’t worry.  If your stick is in the classroom storage spot, then your laps will be counted.  You’re not “starting over” when you begin with green each morning.  When the laps are tracked on the classroom chart the various colored sticks will be added up. 

Q: What are "mini" miles?
A: Kindergartners run "mini" miles.  This means that for every actual mile they run, they are marked for 2 miles on their chart. We do this because Kinders are smaller and they don't have recess on the big playground so are unable to participate at Monday lunch runs.  It helps even the playing field.  We've found they often reach milestones at roughly the same time as their older siblings if they both participate in the mornings.

Q: I'm a participating family member so don't have a classroom.  How do I store my sticks and keep track of miles?
A: For anyone tracking miles but isn't enrolled in school, there is a sheet left out on the bench where you can mark  your miles after the morning sessions.  If you're name isn't there, feel free to add it.  If you've registered and your name isn't there please let us know.  

Q: How can I help?
A: We’d really like help like help on Mondays at lunch.  The shift is from 10:50-12:40 in order to cover all recesses. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0944afa929a0f94-100mile

Q: What does the $10 I paid go towards?
A: All $10 of the registration fee goes towards purchasing the incentive kit from the 100 Mile Club national program.  The incentives include the Challenge Accepted card, t-shirt at 25 miles, gold pencil at 50 miles, bracelet at 75 miles, gold medal at 100 miles and an end of year certificate of miles completed. 

Q: When will I receive my milestone reward?
A:  We hand out rewards at the Friday morning sessions.  If registered participants aren’t there they’ll receive the reward in their classroom. 

Q: I attend ACC in the morning. May I run in the mornings?
A: Yes! We have it worked out with that students attending ACC may be released to run if the required paper work has been filled out.  Please talk to the Ms. Stacy. 

Q: I love to see Ms. Davis, Ms. Holden and Mrs. Ratke on the playground with us in the morning.  (Not actually a question)
A:  So do we!  We are so excited when they join us in the morning. They are our awesome teacher coaches!!  We really love seeing family members out on the course as well.