AUCTION (April 27th) – IT’S COMING AND WE NEED HELP - GOAL $65,000 .

The auction is coming quickly and we have a LOT of work ahead of us! If you haven’t fulfilled your 3 hours yet now’s the perfect time. We are all very busy and volunteering for auction is not on the top of any of our lists. Unfortunately it takes a village to make Parmalee as great as it is. We are currently a small group of parents running the auction and we could use a lot more help! =) The Spring Auction and Carnival is more than our biggest fundraiser of the year, it is also our biggest community building event. There is no better feeling than seeing your kids playing with their friends near the end of the school year with everyone coming together to support a school that has given our children an award winning education.

 This year we are using HandBid the mobile auction bidding app and website. Please go to to register. More information on HandBid can be found on the Auction Page. 




We are in need of items! If you have anything you can donate please email We are especially in need of:

  • *** Vacation rentals. *** The items that raise the most money for Parmalee are places to stay. This includes timeshares un-used, a weekend or week at a vacation rental, use of a vacation home, etc. If you have any of these available please email Patty at
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel room stays
  • Ticket to Red Rocks or other concert venues
  • Gift Certificates for services such as orthodontistry, dentistry, groomers, vet services, hair care, spa treatments, chimney sweeping, photography, etc.
  • Gift Cards to stores
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • WINE – we are still in need of over 70 Bottles of wine! If you are willing to donate a bottle or more to our wine pull please email Juliet at
    We will be selling the tickets for $25/bottle. 
  • PARTIES – We will be offering parties again this year. A party is a gathering or event that you can donate and tickets would be sold to at the auction. Some examples include:
    • Beer tasting
    • Pizza and movie party for kids (offering a date night for parents)
    • Escape room
    • Ninja warrior BBQ
    • Dads and Football in the park
    • Anything else fun you can think of =)

If you are interested in hosting a party to benefit the school please email Jen Grube at

  • Anything else you are willing to donate! =)









e Commitment: Medium, hours spread out 12-14 hours total.
About 2 hours in February, 5-6 hours in April, May & June, 5-6 hours in August.
Special Skills: Can meet deadlines, being organized, work with others.
Duties include:  Work as the liaison between the School Supply Company Rep and the Parmalee Elementary School Teacher Rep.

  • Early February- Request school supply lists from the teacher rep and send to the school supply rep.
  • Mid-February- School supply rep inputs lists into database. Teacher Rep reviews the lists for correctness.  Lists printed out from database and given to teacher rep to review.
  • Late April & May- Advertise school supply order information in Monday Messenger 3-4 times, put signs out around the school, make copies for Friday Folders, 3-4 different weeks.
  • May- Schedule delivery of school supply kits to the school a week before school starts in August. Plan with school admin an area to put the school supply kits.
  • June- Orders are taken only online and deadline for ordering will be at the end of June.
  • August- Coordinate with 4-5 volunteers to meet at school a week before school starts at delivery time to help check 10% of the school supply kits for inventory control and check to make sure have received each student’s kit. Deliver kits to appropriate teachers’ rooms.   Contact school supply rep if any problems.

Patty Pinsonnault, current chair, will train and help.  Please contact Patty if interested in assisting this year and chairing the committee next year.

Other Committee Descriptions:

King Soopers Card Chair

The King Soopers card give 5 percent of what you spend to the PTA. As the chair all you have to do is send out a flyer (probably should be updated) in the fall. When the forms come back they should have $20 with them. You then add up all the cards and call into King Soopers and request the right number of cards for the school with $20 on each of them. It is usually takes a couple of days and you can pick them up wherever. You need to turn all the money into the PTA, they write you a check for King Soopers . Then you pick up the cards, bring them to school and deliver them. When we have earned enough money we will get a check from kings and you just turn that into the PTA. 

It will really help the parents at PTA if you could take a moment and fill out the form below :-)


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PTA builds bridges between homes and schools, integrating the efforts of parents with those of principals and teachers. When you get involved in PTA, the child who benefits the most is your own. You also are taking a major step toward improving your child’s school, your community, and your state and national education and health policies. PTA promotes the education, health, and safety of children and families. 


Parmalee is a small school and we'd love all the help we can get to ensure our kids get the most out of their school experience! We are like a normal PTA... except WAY cooler! ;-)





The kids say it best!




  VOLUNTEERS: We need every parent to volunteer at least 3 hours a year. I know, we are all so busy! It can be really hard to volunteer on top of a full time job and all the after school programs for the kids. The good news is that we have PLENTY of volunteer opportunities at all times and days! If you haven't signed a physical volunteer interest sheet at Back to School night or Boo-Hoo Breakfast please fill out the form below.  Dads- please consider volunteering for Watch Dogs (the kids will love seeing you there!) and/or 'Man'-ual labor. PARMALEE PTA Volunteer Interest Form Committee Descriptions